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Roy Henn

Roy Henn

In 1961, Roy Henn and his sons set out to service the plastics industry by building premium custom mold bases. It wasn’t long before they began to learn the finer points of building, what many customers refer to as, the best custom mold bases available in the market.

In just a few short years the words EDRO Engineering became synonymous with top quality mold bases in California. Soon, the “EDRO family” grew to include an impressive team of skilled craftsmen and knowledgeable technicians that pride themselves on producing a first rate job. This reputation soon propelled EDRO into the upper ranks of nationally recognized plastics tooling specialists.

Among the first to install CNC equipment EDRO continues to lead the industry by pioneering the latest in emerging technology.

After years of building premium mold bases, EDRO recognized the need for improved mold steels.

In 1985, EDRO Specialty Steels was established with one prevailing goal: to develop, manufacture and distribute new and improved steels engineered for plastics tooling. Assembling a team of industry professionals and metallurgical experts, EDRO now offers a comprehensive line of premium holder block, and insert grades,for various tooling applications.

EDRO has expanded its business to an international scale. In addition to production and distribution facilities in Pennsylvania and California, which service North America, EDRO also produces and distributes specialty steels in Europe.

The EDRO team constantly strives to produce the highest quality in specialty steels, and custom mold bases, ensuring EDRO will remain one of the leading companies in the plastics tooling industry.

EDRO is a leading manufacturer of custom mold bases and specialty steels for the plastics tooling industry, consisting of two main divisions that service a diverse range of customers:

edro-mold-basesEDRO Engineering – Since 1961, EDRO has been building the finest custom mold bases available in the market. The EDRO team knows that our mold bases may have to withstand constant pounding for up to 15 or even 20 years. This is why we build them with only the best in EDRO tool steels and top grade components. Backed by state-of-the-art computerization, a skilled organization of machinists and industry professionals, and a painstaking dedication to quality, EDRO continually delivers the highest quality custom mold bases available today.

And when we say custom… we mean custom. They have to be, because many of our orders are for the really tough jobs. Jobs that other mold base companies can’t or won’t tackle. That’s exactly the kind of job we welcome at EDRO Engineering.

EDRO regularly produces stripper plate, stack, double stack and hot-runner bases, as well as auto unwind and runnerless mold bases to exacting tolerances. Our skilled craftsmen are so accomplished at producing very challenging mold bases, routine jobs receive the benefit of being machined to the same high quality standards as our most complex projects.

In 2015, EDRO Engineering’s quality management system was certified to be in compliance with the AS9100C and  ISO 9001:2008  standards.  For more information click here.

EDRO custom mold bases go the distance for you, delivering precise alignment, long lasting performance, and minimum down time.

Remember… mold bases are only expensive when they do not work properly, which perhaps explains why so many mold makers are putting their money on a sure thing and turning to EDRO Engineering.

edro-stealEDRO Specialty Steels – In 1985, EDRO Specialty Steels was established with one prevailing goal: to develop, manufacture and distribute new and improved steels engineered for plastics tooling. Assembling a team of industry professionals and metallurgical experts, combined with years of first hand experience in constructing mold bases, EDRO has addressed and solved many problems that a mold builder may encounter, by developing new steel grades. Committed to the tooling industry, EDRO is continually exploring new ways to redesign mold steels to outperform traditional tooling materials.

EDRO has introduced several re-engineered and improved stainless holder steels, including RoyAlloy and UltraChem.RoyAlloy has become the stainless holder steel of choice in North America, and is characterized by improved machinability, weldability, corrosion resistance, and overall stability compared with all the traditional stainless holder grades.

In addition, to top quality holder steels, EDRO also distributes a comprehensive line of premium insert grades, including unique alloys for hot work applications. These steels all meet EDRO’s superior quality standards. All EDRO grades are made in only the best globally recognized steel mills, using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and specifications.

In addition to our saw-cutting services, all EDRO steel centers also offer six-side plate processing. Plates are regularly delivered in a milled or ground condition, with a chamfer or radius on all edges.

As of 2018, EDRO has become the exclusive distributor for BÖHLER tool steel products in the USA and is proud to bring various new products of the latest steel generation to the North-American market.

EDRO has also expanded its non-ferrous product portfolio.  After successfully developing a full range of Aluminum products, EDRO will become a distributor of all MoldMAX Alloys for plastic applications in Europe and North-America.