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Why should I use RoyAlloy rather than other traditional 420F stainless holder block steels?

RoyAlloy is a new stainless holder steel that provides improved mold base construction and operation characteristics over other 420F stainless holder steels. These characteristics include improved machinability, weldability, stability, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. RoyAlloy is available in a wide range of sizes, with quick delivery lead times. RoyAlloy has become the stainless holder steel of choice for all leading mold builders in North America.

What additional services can EDRO offer?

In addition to offering a comprehensive line of specialty steels and complete custom mold base manufacture, EDRO also offers several independent machining services. These services include: saw cutting, gun drilling, grinding, surface grinding, milling and various other CNC operations. Also technical and metallurgical support is available.

Where does EDRO make steel?

EDRO uses qualified partners in North America and Europe to produce its specialty grades. EDRO grades are made in only the best globally recognized steel mills, using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and specifications.

What can EDRO offer in terms of technical problem solving?

EDRO has assembled a skilled and dedicated organization of people. EDRO’s selective hiring process of skilled machinists and experienced technical people yields a superior standard of excellence. Often, our technicians can contribute solutions for potential design problems before they occur. Your problems become our opportunities.

What types of electronic files can EDRO read?

EDRO can accept engineering electronic data files in many formats.

  1. Solids: Native unigraphics file, parasolid, and step-files.
  2. 2D Files: DWG (Auto Cad), DXF, IGES, and many other formats.

Paper prints are always acceptable.

What types of mold bases does EDRO build?

EDRO regularly produces stripper plate, stack, double-stack, and hot-runner bases, as well as auto unwind and runnerless mold bases to exacting tolerances. EDRO manufactures a variety of bases ranging from simple single cavity designs, to complicated high cavitation mold plates, and prototype molds.