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Armin Tool and Manufacturing

armin royalloy steel mold bases

Armin Tool and Manufacturing has been a leading manufacturer of high-volume, multi-cavity molds for over 50 years. As a long-term producer of precision molds to prominent injection molders and end-users, our customers demand that every tool we build exceeds their expectations for quality and reliability.

In response, we have chosen to use RoyAlloy™ Stainless steel from EDRO as our preferred mold base material.

RoyAlloy’s™ improved machinability and plate stability help us to obtain in-house cost savings during machining, while the steel’s superior toughness and mechanical properties help to ensure maximum mold performance and minimum maintenance downtime during our customers’ high-volume production runs.

We also appreciate the fact that RoyAlloy™ was developed and is manufactured in the USA.

Paul Stoll, President – Armin

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