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Ivanhoe Tool & Die

ivanhoe royalloy steel mold bases

Since James McWilliam founded Ivanhoe Tool & Die in 1952, the company has grown and developed into a leading American manufacturer of high precision, multi cavitation molds. Today, in Ivanhoe’s 50th year, their main business has evolved towards the consistent production of high cavitation plastic molds for the cap & closure industry.

According to Dick Fierro, Mgr. of Mold Base Production:

“For the last 20 years or so, we have built all of our mold frames from prehardened stainless steel. Three years ago, and after some very extensive evaluation, we decided to change from the traditional 420F to RoyAlloy™ – 400 series stainless from EDRO. This major material change was made because of RoyAlloy’s™ superior machinability.

Also, RoyAlloy™ stainless provides a more consistent and uniform product, with improved dimensional stability and surface finishes compared to the 420F type materials.

At Ivanhoe Tool & Die Company, RoyAlloy™ is our stainless moldbase steel of choice.”

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