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Mold Base Industries

mold base industries royalloy steel

“Every mold base we build and ship at Mold Base Industries is a reflection of our relentless pursuit of craftsmanship and quality; consequently, the steel we use and select is a key factor.

Five years ago, we evaluated various stainless holder steels available in the North American market. We were not certain how they might vary individually, or, if any one steel could be considered the best for stainless mold base tooling.

After extensive in-house testing of the major stainless mold base grades available, we found that steels varied in the critical areas we examined. These areas were: stability, machining, grinding (rotary and surface), consistency and uniformity.

Our testing proved to us that RoyAlloyTM is the superior steel compared to all materials tested.

Since 1998, we have successfully used RoyAlloyTM as our stainless holder steel of choice at Mold Base Industries.

We are pleased to endorse RoyAlloyTM as a new and innovative American development that helps produce better mold base tooling for the plastics industry.”

-Jay Ebersole, President Mold Base Industries, Harrisburg, PA.

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